A Day at the Canadian Derby
Expect fun, excitement and of course horse racing, when you attend a day at the Canadian Derby.

Of course the Canadian Derby is about horse racing, but there is much more to see and do then just the races. There is a marketplace open from around noon to early evening where you can purchase derby style hats, jewelry and Canadian Derby logo merchandise.

Expect high quality live bands that are usually Canadian entertaining the large crowds of folks in attendance.

You will see smartly dressed Ladies and Men, with looks like the traditional large hats appropriate for horse racing events. There is also a Derby Hat Parade and Fashion Stakes with prizes for Best Derby Hat, Best Female Ensemble and Best Male Ensemble.

To get to the Canadian Derby you have to visit Northlands Park in Western Canada, that’s where the race is held each year around mid-August. You can bet on the races, which only adds to the thrill. Northlands Park offers other forms of gambling besides horse racing, you can bet on slots and virtual casino games too.

There will be lots of food to eat, and drinks a plenty if you care to wet your whistle. There is a good supply of early races leading up to the culmination of the Canadian Derby, the feature race. When the horses are in the gate for the Canadian Derby, the crowd usually lets out a loud roar as they leave the gate and another loud roar is heard when the horses near the finish line.

It’s certainly an exciting day and you will likely feel your heart pounding when the horses are racing down the stretch to the finish of the Canadian Derby.

Chances are after attending one Canadian Derby; you will want to return every year.